A Cautionary Tale of The Wig

Having been disappointed by my hairdresser over the weekend, come Monday morning, I bring out my wig saved only for rainy days such as this. I make it to work at 8:30am in one piece and for the first five minutes it seems like it's going to be a nice average work day. That is until… Continue reading A Cautionary Tale of The Wig

That Time the Flight Attendant Got Distracted

Sometime last year, I flew with Arik Air from Liberia to Ghana. I changed seats because they had put me by an exit door. The plane had a lot of empty seats and I relocated to the back. Not long after the seat-belt signs had been switched off, a fine specimen of an air host came… Continue reading That Time the Flight Attendant Got Distracted

Church Selfies

As if taking selfies during church service wasn’t bad enough, now I see people filming the entire service from their phones. Last Sunday, one guy bumped into the person in front of him and almost fell because he was more engrossed in capturing the offering procession than in where he was going.

Fat Thighs and Flabby Arms

They say your metabolic rate slows down as you grow older. But I think mine as totally stopped. Everything I eat now goes straight to my arms and my pooch. At this rate I’ll soon resemble a pregnant weight lifter. 🙁 You would think that man with all his innovations would have found an easy… Continue reading Fat Thighs and Flabby Arms

Creepy Crawlies

What is it about reptiles that make me scream like a baby? Wall geckos, lizards and frogs are top of the list. Some part of me knows that they can’t harm me. But I don’t want to find out if that theory is true. Out of my numerous encounters with various reptiles, here’s one that left me… Continue reading Creepy Crawlies