Now Listening: Rivers & Robots

I just discovered Rivers & Robots an indie worship band from England. I love the calm sound. Perfect for a day in, writing or just staring out the window, curled up in a chair with a hot cup of tea.

I’m still exploring all their albums, but here’s one of my favourite’s so far.


What new band’s have you discovered?


Now Listening: King of my Heart

Sometimes you come across a song just when you need it.

After a series of disappointing events, not major life changing, but the accumulation of disappointments was beginning to get me, and I found myself questioning why God wouldn’t just let me have a break. It felt like most times in His quest to make us more like Son, Jesus Christ, he forgets that we need a break from the trials.

Does everything have to be so hard? Are there some good things that come easy?

Last Sunday the choir in church sang this song and as I sang along, I remembered, remembered that God is wiser and bigger and stronger, I remembered that He loves me, I remembered all the many blessings He has given me, I remembered how past disappointments have turned out to be blessings in disguise. And with each verse I sang, I felt my heavy heart become lighter.

This will be my anthem even though the storms of life rage around me.


God is good and He’ll never let me down.

That Time the Flight Attendant Got Distracted

Sometime last year, I flew with Arik Air from Liberia to Ghana. I changed seats because they had put me by an exit door. The plane had a lot of empty seats and I relocated to the back. Not long after the seat-belt signs had been switched off, a fine specimen of an air host came to find out if I was comfortable and somehow the conversation drifted to my nationality and how I didn’t look Nigerian. Then we talked about Lagos and how I wouldn’t want to live there because it was too rambunctious for me. While he tried to convince me how lovely Lagos, I wondered whether he had forgotten that he had work to do. As if on cue, his colleague appeared, quietly  her hands on his shoulders and pushed him off, apologizing that he had work to do. “we’ll finish this conversation later” he smiled as he let himself be whisked away.